When I was younger the taste and smell of my grand-mother’s cooking has always blown me away. In the early 2000 when my family moved from Peru to Canada, I realized how much I missed my country, culture and favourite home cook meal. Slowly but surely, I started seeking for belonging in this wonderful City call Montreal. 

My curiosity for different kind of cuisine such as French, Greek and Thai has helped me discover my passion for cooking. After graduating from the cooking school of EMRTM in Montreal, I have had the opportunity to work and manage many in the restaurant business.

My desire to create a fusion cuisine with the influence of South American and Caribbean spices has given birth to my first restaurant, 4UATRO. With the utmost respect for goods produced in Quebec we have one clear mission. Work with the best local products to create and offer to our futur customers a gourmet cooking with a taste of the world.

“Sit down, and take note of each ingredients” would say my dad as he tried to pass along his love for the art of cooking and how to control the seasoning of our caribbean dishes. After growing up in a house where my father was a chef and my mother a top of the line home cook, It was only natural that I became passionate about cooking. 

After graduating from university, I went on to acquire the management, planning, problem solving and decision making skills to manage any project. Fortunate to have travelled to many Latin American and Caribbean countries where I got the opportunities to taste different dishes, new flavours and to discover the wonders of spices. Sharing the same passion as Johana, our mission is to share our “savoir-faire” to prepare a fusion from local products and seasonings from the Caribbean and Latin America. From that mutual sentiment to transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes, we bring you, Quatro Bistro